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‘input’ function used in Python 2

ID: py/use-of-input
Kind: problem
Security severity: 9.8
Severity: error
Precision: high
   - security
   - correctness
   - security/cwe/cwe-94
   - security/cwe/cwe-95
Query suites:
   - python-code-scanning.qls
   - python-security-extended.qls
   - python-security-and-quality.qls

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In Python 2, a call to the input() function, input(prompt) is equivalent to eval(raw_input(prompt)). Evaluating user input without any checking can be a serious security flaw.


Get user input with raw_input(prompt) and then validate that input before evaluating. If the expected input is a number or string, then ast.literal_eval() can always be used safely.


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