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Wrong name for an argument in a class instantiation

ID: py/call/wrong-named-class-argument
Kind: problem
Security severity: 
Severity: error
Precision: very-high
   - reliability
   - correctness
   - external/cwe/cwe-628
Query suites:
   - python-security-and-quality.qls

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Using a named argument whose name does not correspond to a parameter of the __init__ method of the class being instantiated, will result in a TypeError at runtime.


Check for typos in the name of the arguments and fix those. If the name is clearly different, then this suggests a logical error. The change required to correct the error will depend on whether the wrong argument has been specified or whether the wrong class has been specified.


class Point(object):
    def __init__(self, x, y):
        self.x = x
        self.y = y

p = Point(x=1, yy=2) # TypeError: 'yy' is not a valid keyword argument


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