CodeQL library for C/C++
codeql/cpp-all 1.1.2-dev (changelog, source)

Predicate compoundEdge

This relation combines all pointer and flow relations that go to or from a compound set.

The “kind” of each tuple determines what relation the other four elements of the tuple indicate:

0 - flow from <parent,label> to other 1 - flow from other to <parent,label> 2 - pointer from <parent,label> to other 3 - pointer from other to <parent,label>

4 - flow from <parent,element> to other 5 - flow from other to <parent,element> 6 - flow from <parent,element> to other 7 - flow from other to <parent,element>

8 - flow from <<parent,element>,label> to other 9 - flow from other to <<parent,element>,label> 10 - pointer from <<parent,element>,label> to other 11 - pointer from other to <<parent,element>,label>

Import path

import semmle.code.cpp.pointsto.PointsTo
predicate compoundEdge(Element parent, Element element, string label, Element other, int kind)