CodeQL library for JavaScript/TypeScript
codeql/javascript-all 0.8.13 (changelog, source)

Module TaintedObject

Provides methods for reasoning about the flow of deeply tainted objects, such as JSON objects parsed from user-controlled data.

Deeply tainted objects are arrays or objects with user-controlled property names, containing tainted values or deeply tainted objects in their properties.

To track deeply tainted objects, a flow-tracking configuration should generally include the following:

  1. One or more sinks associated with the label TaintedObject::label().
  2. The sources from TaintedObject::isSource.
  3. The flow steps from TaintedObject::step.
  4. The sanitizing guards TaintedObject::SanitizerGuard.

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Provides classes for working with JavaScript programs, as well as JSON, YAML and HTML.



Provides classes and predicates for reasoning about deeply tainted objects.