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codeql/cpp-all 0.9.3 ( changelog , source )

Predicate cmpWithLinearBound

Holds if guard is a comparison operation (<, <=, >, >=, == or !=), one of its arguments is equivalent (up to associativity, commutativity and distributivity or the simple arithmetic operations) to p*v + q (for some p and q), direction describes whether guard give an upper or lower bound on v, and branch indicates which control-flow branch this bound is valid on.

For example, if guard is 2*v + 3 > 10 then cmpWithLinearBound(guard, v, Greater(), true) and cmpWithLinearBound(guard, v, Lesser(), false) hold. If guard is 4 - v > 5 then cmpWithLinearBound(guard, v, Lesser(), false) and cmpWithLinearBound(guard, v, Greater(), true) hold.

A more sophisticated predicate, such as boundFromGuard, is needed to compute an actual bound for v. This predicate can be used if you just want to check whether a variable is bounded, or to restrict a more expensive analysis to just guards that bound a variable.

Import path

import semmle.code.cpp.rangeanalysis.RangeAnalysisUtils
predicate cmpWithLinearBound ( ComparisonOperation guard , VariableAccess v , RelationDirection direction , boolean branch )