CodeQL library for C/C++
codeql/cpp-all 0.9.3 ( changelog , source )

Module DataFlow

Provides an abstract class for accurate dataflow modeling of library functions when source code is not available. To use this QL library, create a QL class extending DataFlowFunction with a characteristic predicate that selects the function or set of functions you are modeling. Within that class, override the predicates provided by DataFlowFunction to match the flow within that function.

Import path

import semmle.code.cpp.models.interfaces.DataFlow



Provides classes for working with functions, including template functions.


Provides a set of QL classes for indicating dataflows through a particular parameter, return value, or qualifier, as well as flows at one level of pointer indirection.




A library function for which a value is or may be copied from a parameter or qualifier to an output buffer, return value, or qualifier.