CodeQL library for C/C++
codeql/cpp-all 0.13.1 (changelog, source)

Member predicate Declaration::hasQualifiedName

Holds if this declaration has a fully-qualified name with a name-space component of namespaceQualifier, a declaring type of typeQualifier, and a base name of baseName. Template parameters and arguments are stripped from all components. Missing components are "".

Example: hasQualifiedName("namespace1::namespace2", "TemplateClass1::Class2", "memberName").

Example (the class std::vector): hasQualifiedName("std", "", "vector") or hasQualifiedName("std", "vector").

Example (the size member function of class std::vector): hasQualifiedName("std", "vector", "size").

predicate hasQualifiedName(string namespaceQualifier, string typeQualifier, string baseName)