CodeQL documentation

Supported languages and frameworks

View the languages, libraries, and frameworks supported in the latest version of CodeQL.

Languages and compilers

CodeQL supports the following languages and compilers.

Language Variants Compilers Extensions
C/C++ C89, C99, C11, C18, C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20 [1]

Clang (and clang-cl [2]) extensions (up to Clang 12.0),

GNU extensions (up to GCC 11.1),

Microsoft extensions (up to VS 2019),

Arm Compiler 5 [3]

.cpp, .c++, .cxx, .hpp, .hh, .h++, .hxx, .c, .cc, .h
C# C# up to 9.0

Microsoft Visual Studio up to 2019 with .NET up to 4.8,

.NET Core up to 3.1

.NET 5

.sln, .csproj, .cs, .cshtml, .xaml
Go (aka Golang) Go up to 1.16 Go 1.11 or more recent .go
Java Java 7 to 16 [4]

javac (OpenJDK and Oracle JDK),

Eclipse compiler for Java (ECJ) [5]

JavaScript ECMAScript 2021 or lower Not applicable .js, .jsx, .mjs, .es, .es6, .htm, .html, .xhm, .xhtml, .vue, .json, .yaml, .yml, .raml, .xml [6]
Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 Not applicable .py
TypeScript [7] 2.6-4.4 Standard TypeScript compiler .ts, .tsx
[1]C++20 support is currently in beta. Supported for GCC on Linux only. Modules are not supported.
[2]Support for the clang-cl compiler is preliminary.
[3]Support for the Arm Compiler (armcc) is preliminary.
[4]Builds that execute on Java 7 to 16 can be analyzed. The analysis understands Java 16 standard language features.
[5]ECJ is supported when the build invokes it via the Maven Compiler plugin or the Takari Lifecycle plugin.
[6]JSX and Flow code, YAML, JSON, HTML, and XML files may also be analyzed with JavaScript files.
[7]TypeScript analysis is performed by running the JavaScript extractor with TypeScript enabled. This is the default for LGTM.

Frameworks and libraries

The libraries and queries in the current version of CodeQL have been explicitly checked against the libraries and frameworks listed below.


If you’re interested in other libraries or frameworks, you can extend the analysis to cover them. For example, by extending the data flow libraries to include data sources and sinks for additional libraries or frameworks.

C and C++ built-in support

Name Category
Bloomberg Standard Library Utility library
Berkeley socket API library Network communicator
string.h String library

C# built-in support

Name Category
ASP.NET Web application framework
ASP.NET Core Web application framework
ASP.NET Razor templates Web application framework
Dapper Database ORM
EntityFramework Database ORM
EntityFramework Core Database ORM
Json.NET Serialization
NHibernate Database ORM
WinForms User interface

Go built-in support

Name Category
beego Web/logging/database framework
Chi Web framework
Couchbase (gocb and go-couchbase) Database
Echo Web framework
Gin Web framework
glog Logging library
go-pg Database
go-restful Web application framework
go-sh Utility library
go-spew Logging library
GoKit Microservice toolkit
Gokogiri XPath library Network communicator Network communicator
goproxy HTTP proxy library
Gorilla mux HTTP request router and dispatcher
Gorilla websocket Network communicator
GORM Database
GoWebsocket Network communicator
goxpath XPath library
htmlquery XPath library
json-iterator Serialization
jsonpatch Serialization
jsonquery XPath library
klog Logging library
Logrus Logging library
Macaron Web framework
mongo Database Network communicator
protobuf Serialization
Revel Web framework
sqlx Database
SendGrid Email library
Squirrel Database
ws Network communicator
xmlpath XPath library
xmlquery XPath library
xpath XPath library
xpathparser XPath library
yaml Serialization
zap Logging library

Java built-in support

Name Category
Apache Commons Lang Utility library
Apache HTTP components Network communicator
Guava Utility and collections library
Hibernate Database
iBatis / MyBatis Database
Jackson Serialization
Java Persistence API (JPA) Database
JDBC Database
Protobuf Serialization
Kryo deserialization Serialization
SnakeYaml Serialization
Spring JDBC Database
Spring MVC Web application framework
Struts Web application framework
Thrift RPC framework
XStream Serialization

JavaScript and TypeScript built-in support

Name Category
angular (modern version) HTML framework
angular.js (legacy version) HTML framework
axios Network communicator
browser Runtime environment
electron Runtime environment
express Server
hapi Server
jquery Utility library
koa Server
lodash Utility library
mongodb Database
mssql Database
mysql Database
node Runtime environment
nest.js Server
postgres Database
ramda Utility library
react HTML framework
react native HTML framework
request Network communicator
sequelize Database Network communicator
sqlite3 Database
superagent Network communicator
underscore Utility library
vue HTML framework

Python built-in support

Name Category
aiohttp.web Web framework
Django Web framework
Flask Web framework
Tornado Web framework
Twisted Web framework
PyYAML Serialization
dill Serialization
simplejson Serialization
ujson Serialization
fabric Utility library
idna Utility library
invoke Utility library
jmespath Utility library
multidict Utility library
yarl Utility library
aioch Database
clickhouse-driver Database
mysql-connector-python Database
mysql-connector Database
MySQL-python Database
mysqlclient Database
psycopg2 Database
sqlite3 Database
peewee Database ORM
cryptography Cryptography library
pycryptodome Cryptography library
pycryptodomex Cryptography library
rsa Cryptography library
MarkupSafe Escaping Library
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