CodeQL library for Python
codeql/python-all 0.12.1 (changelog, source)

Class SequenceValue

A class representing sequence objects with a length and tracked items.

Import path

import python

Direct supertypes

Indirect supertypes

Known direct subtypes


Inherited predicates


Gets a Value that represents the attribute name of this object.

from Value

Gets the boolean interpretation of this value. Could be both true and false, if we can’t determine the result more precisely.

from Value

Gets a call to this object

from Value

Gets a call to this object with the given caller context.

from Value

Gets a ControlFlowNode that refers to this object.

from Value

Gets the class of this object. Strictly, the Value representing the class of the objects represented by this Value.

from Value

Gets the boolean interpretation of this value, only if we can determine the result precisely. The result can be none(), but never both true and false.

from Value

Gets the name of this value, if it has one. Note this is the innate name of the object, not necessarily all the names by which it can be called.

from Value

Gets the origin CFG node for this value.

from Value

Holds if this value has the attribute name

from Value

Holds if this element is at the specified location. The location spans column startcolumn of line startline to column endcolumn of line endline in file filepath. For more information, see Locations.

from Value

Whether this value is absent from the database, but has been inferred to likely exist

from Value

Holds if this value is builtin. Applies to built-in functions and methods, but also integers and strings.

from Value

Whether this overrides v. In this context, “overrides” means that this object is a named attribute of a some class C and v is a named attribute of another class S, both attributes having the same name, and S is a super class of C.

from Value

Gets a textual representation of this element.

from Value