CodeQL library for Python
codeql/python-all 0.12.0 (changelog, source)

Module CallGraphConstruction

INTERNAL: Do not use.

Provides logic for constructing a call graph in mutual recursion with type tracking.

When type tracking is used to construct a call graph, we cannot use the join-order from stepInlineLate, because step becomes a recursive call, which means that we will have a conjunct with 3 recursive calls: the call to step, the call to stepProj, and the recursive type tracking call itself. The solution is to split the three-way non-linear recursion into two non-linear predicates: one that first joins with the projected stepCall relation, followed by a predicate that joins with the full stepCall relation (stepNoCall not being recursive, can be join-ordered in the same way as in stepInlineLate).

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Provides the track predicate for use in call graph construction.


A simple version of CallGraphConstruction that uses standard type tracking.

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The input to call graph construction.