CodeQL library for C/C++
codeql/cpp-all 0.13.1 (changelog, source)

Class PostUpdateNode

A node associated with an object after an operation that might have changed its state.

This can be either the argument to a callable after the callable returns (which might have mutated the argument), or the qualifier of a field after an update to the field.

Nodes corresponding to AST elements, for example ExprNode, usually refer to the value before the update with the exception of ClassInstanceExpr, which represents the value after the constructor has run.

Import path

import semmle.code.cpp.dataflow.internal.DataFlowUtil

Direct supertypes

Indirect supertypes

Known direct subtypes



    Gets the function to which this node belongs.


    Gets the location of this element.


    Gets the node before the state update.


    Gets the type of this node.

    Inherited predicates


    Gets the argument that defines this DefinitionByReferenceNode, if any. This predicate should be used instead of asExpr when referring to the value of a reference argument after the call has returned. For example, in f(&x), this predicate will have &x as its result for the Node that represents the new value of x.

    from Node

    Gets the expression corresponding to this node, if any. This predicate only has a result on nodes that represent the value of evaluating the expression. For data flowing out of an expression, like when an argument is passed by reference, use asDefiningArgument instead of asExpr.

    from Node

    Gets the parameter corresponding to this node, if any.

    from Node

    Gets the expression that is partially defined by this node, if any.

    from Node

    Gets the uninitialized local variable corresponding to this node, if any.

    from Node

    INTERNAL: Do not use. Alternative name for getFunction.

    from Node

    Gets an upper bound on the type of this node.

    from Node

    Holds if this element is at the specified location. The location spans column startcolumn of line startline to column endcolumn of line endline in file filepath. For more information, see Locations.

    from Node

    Gets a textual representation of this element.

    from Node