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Functions in Python

You can use syntactic classes from the standard CodeQL library to find Python functions and identify calls to them.

These examples use the standard CodeQL class Function. For more information, see “CodeQL library for Python.”

Finding all functions called “get…”

In this example we look for all the “getters” in a program. Programmers moving to Python from Java are often tempted to write lots of getter and setter methods, rather than use properties. We might want to find those methods.

Using the member predicate Function.getName(), we can list all of the getter functions in a database:


Instead of copying this query, try typing the code. As you start to write a name that matches a library class, a pop-up is displayed making it easy for you to select the class that you want.

import python

from Function f
where f.getName().matches("get%")
select f, "This is a function called get..."

This query typically finds a large number of results. Usually, many of these results are for functions (rather than methods) which we are not interested in.

Finding all methods called “get…”

You can modify the query above to return more interesting results. As we are only interested in methods, we can use the Function.isMethod() predicate to refine the query.

import python

from Function f
where f.getName().matches("get%") and f.isMethod()
select f, "This is a method called get..."

This finds methods whose name starts with "get", but many of those are not the sort of simple getters we are interested in.

Finding one line methods called “get…”

We can modify the query further to include only methods whose body consists of a single statement. We do this by counting the number of lines in each method.

import python

from Function f
where f.getName().matches("get%") and f.isMethod()
 and count(f.getAStmt()) = 1
select f, "This function is (probably) a getter."

This query returns fewer results, but if you examine the results you can see that there are still refinements to be made. This is refined further in “Expressions and statements in Python.”

Finding a call to a specific function

This query uses Call and Name to find calls to the function eval - which might potentially be a security hazard.

import python

from Call call, Name name
where call.getFunc() = name and name.getId() = "eval"
select call, "call to 'eval'."

The Call class represents calls in Python. The Call.getFunc() predicate gets the expression being called. Name.getId() gets the identifier (as a string) of the Name expression. This query will select any call of the form eval(...) regardless of whether it is a call to the built-in function eval or not. Due to the dynamic nature of Python, such syntactic queries can be inaccurate. If one is looking for invocations of the built-in function eval, it is preferred to use the API graph, see “Using API graphs in Python.”

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