CodeQL documentation

resolve ram


codeql resolve ram [--ram=<MB>] <options>...


[Deep plumbing] Prepare RAM options.

This deep plumbing command prepares appropriate command-line options to start a subcommand that will execute a QL query evaluator. It knows appropriate heuristics for deciding whether to keep some of the configured memory outside the Java heap.

In particular, this should be used to find appropriate -J-Xmx and --off-heap-ram options before staring a query server based on a desired total RAM amount.



Select output format. Choices include:

lines (default): Print commmand-line arguments on one line each.

json: Print them as a JSON array.

Options from the invoking command’s command line

-M, --ram=<MB>

Set total amount of RAM the query evaluator should be allowed to use.

Common options

-h, --help

Show this help text.


[Advanced] Give option to the JVM running the command.

(Beware that options containing spaces will not be handled correctly.)

-v, --verbose

Incrementally increase the number of progress messages printed.

-q, --quiet

Incrementally decrease the number of progress messages printed.


[Advanced] Explicitly set the verbosity level to one of errors, warnings, progress, progress+, progress++, progress+++. Overrides -v and -q.


[Advanced] Write detailed logs to one or more files in the given directory, with generated names that include timestamps and the name of the running subcommand.

(To write a log file with a name you have full control over, instead give --log-to-stderr and redirect stderr as desired.)

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