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pack download


codeql pack download [--dir=<dir>] [--force] <options>... [--] <scope/name@version|suite.qls>...


[Experimental] Download the set of qlpacks referenced by the query spec of the command line from the registry. Packs can be provided by name or implicitly inside of a query suite (.qls) file.

The packs will be downloaded and unzipped into the package cache by default.



[Mandatory] List of CodeQL packs and query suites to download. If a query suite is provided, its instructions will be inspected and all referenced CodeQL packs will be downloaded. If the version of a CodeQL pack is missing, then the latest version of this pack is retrieved.


Select output format. Choices include text (default) and json.

-d, --dir=<dir>

The directory to download the pack to. Defaults to installing into the package cache.

-f, --[no-]force

Allow overwriting already existing packs.

Options for finding QL packs (which may be necessary to interpret query suites)


A list of directories under which QL packs may be found. Each directory can either be a QL pack (or bundle of packs containing a .codeqlmanifest.json file at the root) or the immediate parent of one or more such directories.

If the path contains more than one directory, their order defines precedence between them: when a pack name that must be resolved is matched in more than one of the directory trees, the one given first wins.

Pointing this at a checkout of the open-source CodeQL repository ought to work when querying one of the languages that live there.

If you have have checked out the CodeQL repository as a sibling of the unpacked CodeQL toolchain, you don’t need to give this option; such sibling directories will always be searched for QL packs that cannot be found otherwise. (If this default does not work, it is strongly recommended to set up --search-path once and for all in a per-user configuration file).

(Note: On Windows the path separator is ;).


If this list of directories is given, they will be searched for packs before the ones in --search-path. The order between these doesn’t matter; it is an error if a pack name is found in two different places through this list.

This is useful if you’re temporarily developing a new version of a pack that also appears in the default path. On the other hand, it is not recommended to override this option in a config file; some internal actions will add this option on the fly, overriding any configured value.

(Note: On Windows the path separator is ;).

Options for configuring the CodeQL package manager


Accept a GitHub Apps token or personal access token via standard input.

This overrides the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable.

Common options

-h, --help

Show this help text.


[Advanced] Give option to the JVM running the command.

(Beware that options containing spaces will not be handled correctly.)

-v, --verbose

Incrementally increase the number of progress messages printed.

-q, --quiet

Incrementally decrease the number of progress messages printed.


[Advanced] Explicitly set the verbosity level to one of errors, warnings, progress, progress+, progress++, progress+++. Overrides -v and -q.


[Advanced] Write detailed logs to one or more files in the given directory, with generated names that include timestamps and the name of the running subcommand.

(To write a log file with a name you have full control over, instead give --log-to-stderr and redirect stderr as desired.)

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