CodeQL documentation

pack add


codeql pack add <options>... [--] <scope/name[@range]>...


[Experimental] Adds a list of QL library packs with optional version ranges as dependencies of the current package, and then installs them.

This command modifies the qlpack.yml file of the current package. Formatting and comments will be removed.



[Mandatory] The scope, name, and optional version range of the pack to add to the dependency list. The latest version that satisfies the specified range is downloaded and the specified range is added to the qlpack.yml. If the version is missing, then the latest version of this pack is retrieved and that version is added to the qlpack.yml.


The root directory of the package.


Accept a GitHub Apps token or personal access token via standard input.

This overrides the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable.

Common options

-h, --help

Show this help text.


[Advanced] Give option to the JVM running the command.

(Beware that options containing spaces will not be handled correctly.)

-v, --verbose

Incrementally increase the number of progress messages printed.

-q, --quiet

Incrementally decrease the number of progress messages printed.


[Advanced] Explicitly set the verbosity level to one of errors, warnings, progress, progress+, progress++, progress+++. Overrides -v and -q.


[Advanced] Write detailed logs to one or more files in the given directory, with generated names that include timestamps and the name of the running subcommand.

(To write a log file with a name you have full control over, instead give --log-to-stderr and redirect stderr as desired.)

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