CodeQL library for JavaScript
codeql/javascript-all 0.6.2 ( changelog , source )

Member predicate Express :: RouteHandlerNode :: getPreviousMiddleware

Gets a route handler that immediately precedes this in the route stack.

For example:

app.get('/foo', parseForm, foo);
app.get('/bar', bar);

The previous from foo is parseForm, and the previous from parseForm is auth. The previous from bar is auth.

This does not take URI patterns into account. Route handlers should be seen as a no-ops when the requested URI does not match its pattern, but it will be part of the route stack regardless. For example:

app.use('/admin', auth);
app.get('/foo, 'foo);

In this case, the previous from foo is auth although they do not act on the same requests.

RouteHandlerNode getPreviousMiddleware ( )