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Lines of code in files

ID: py/lines-of-code-in-files
Kind: treemap
   - maintainability

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This metric measures the number of lines of code in each file. The value excludes docstrings, comments and blank lines.

Organizing source into very large files is not recommended because:

  • it can be difficult to understand and maintain the code, even with good support from development tools

  • it increases the risk that multiple developers will work on the same file at once, and increases the incidence of merge conflicts

  • it may be a symptom of weak code organization, where many different features are handled by functions in a single file.


The solution depends on the underlying cause:

  • if individual classes or functions are too large then they should be refactored into smaller modules

  • if the class contains many classes or functions, they should be moved to their own modules (sometimes in a subsidiary module, where appropriate)

  • if the file has been automatically generated by a tool, then it should be left alone.


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